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Committed to Enriching the Lives of Youth

Mission: Cultivate money savvy youth by exposing, educating and equipping them with the foundational principles of entrepreneurship and financial literacy.  

Vision: We aspire to become a nationally recognized organization that serves as the catalyst for personal and community economic growth in youth.




Business Owners of Tomorrow was established by Nyanna Harris as a way to deposit her knowledge and expertise of entrepreneurship into today's youth. We firmly believe that entrepreneurship is the dream of our nation and kids are the biggest dreamers; thus the logical thing to do is introduce them early in life into the concept of entrepreneurship. The Boot isn't about having youth focus all their time on business instead of school. Rather, it's about helping them develop necessary life skills that cannot be taught at school but can certainly be cultivated in the course of running their own business. 


TKB Summer Entrepreneurship Intensive

This summer, youth will engage in a path of their choice: write books, trade stocks or start businesses.  Clikc here to register:


Dream BIG Alumni

87% of the youth who have completed our entrepreneurship course, Dream Chasers Academy, have a profitable business in the marketplace.

Destiny is owner of Baking Like Crazy, is an author and self taught baker who owns a from scratch pastry company. 

Amaria is the owner of Forever Glossy, an all natural, vegan lip gloss company.  Not only does she make lip gloss, she makes chapstick for men.

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